Cabbage - Drumhead

Cabbage - Drumhead
Cabbage has large compact green leaves that form a solid head. Steam, boil, bake or use in stir-frys. Cabbage with Bacon & Parsley Dressing. Trim & shred cabbage. Drizzle with lemon juice & steam until just tender. To a hot pan add olive oil, diced bacon, chopped eschallots & 1 teasp of minced ginger. When bacon is browned add 4 tbs of chopped parsley. Pour mixture over steamed cabbage and serve hot. Common Health and Nutritional Beliefs: High in Vitamins A & C. Cabbage is said to help fight breast, colon and stomach cancer by suppressing the growth of polyps. It is said have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities.
Price: $3.95 each
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