Local, International and Gourmet Products – From our Family to Yours

Cyberfresh prides itself on catering for local, international and gourmet tastes.  Plus, for the vegetarian or healthy food lover, our site is a dream come true.  Our  parent company has been sourcing and delivering fresh produce for 16 years.  To celebrate our 16th birthday, we’ve launched Cyberfresh!  Our family company, is known as the ‘Fresh Gourmet Specialists’ because our staff specialize in sourcing those hard-to-find fresh produce items that gourmet chefs, and creative home cooks just love!  We also cater to local family tastes and the more exotic international flavours.

A perfect example - When chatting to my acupuncturist recently, he inquired as to my line of work.  When I replied that our family business dealt in a wide range of fresh produce including gourmet mushrooms, he replied, “ I wish I’d known about you last week.  I found a great risotto recipe featuring porcini mushrooms, but they weren’t stocked by any of the six shops I checked.  I wish I’d known about Cyberfresh.”     

- Anita

If you love cooking interesting meals and experimenting with unusual or modern flavours, Cyberfresh will be your saviour.  We supply a wide range of these fresh products and therefore will save you the time and stress of ‘hunting’ for those elusive products.  Cyberfresh offers an extensive range of fruit and vegetables, including herbs, salad lines, exotic mushrooms and fruits, quality meats, some deli lines including locally supplied farm fresh eggs, some organic products, fresh flowers and gift baskets.

Craig, the Owner-Manager with over 30 years experience in the fresh food industry is known for sourcing hard to find products.  Special requests will be considered if sent in a timely manner.  Please use the ‘Contact Us’ section to send us a message.