Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Our Vision

Increasingly on offer on shop shelves, is processed food packed full of preservatives, unknown additives and consequently potential health risks.  As providers of farm fresh produce our vision is to offer an extensive range of fresh, quality assured, healthy choices to meet the dietary needs of a broad range of customers. We also aim to limit the time customers spend hunting for recipes and shopping for elusive ingredients.  Our vision is to make eating fresh, both simple and tasty!

Therefore, our vision incorporates providing customers with ready-to-go shopping lists, ingredients for recipes, weekly grocery packs and combination packs, so that you can simply click and add these to your shopping cart. Just imagine a few clicks and your weekly fresh produce needs are delivered to your door.

Our Team Values

The Cyberfresh Team’s values focus on our customers, our farmers, our products and our staff. We realize our values as an organization underpin our company culture and therefore our actions.

The Cyberfresh Team is committed to satisfying customer needs by providing products and services, which meet customer expectations and supplying such products and services in a consistent, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our onsite parent company is a Quality Assured and HACCP certified company and as such we participate in regular inspections which we have always passed with flying colours.

We know our customers value quality fresh produce so our mission is to source the freshest and best quality produce available. Through our parent wholesale company we source product fresh from the farm and deliver straight to our customers.

We value our staff’s experience, capabilities, reliability and performance because we know these qualities will ensure outstanding customer service. Our team boasts over 100 years collective experience in the Fresh Food Industry and includes two experienced chefs.