Q: How do I donate my fundraising points to a Fundraising Group I want to support?

 A: Each time you shop with Cyberfresh.com.au, we will process your order then allocate points to your account. These will keep accumulating over time.  To donate your points to your chosen Fundraising Group, first sign in. Then, click on 'Update Your Details' at the top right of the website, then 'Account Details'. You will see a green button 'Click Here to View and Donate Your Points'. This will open a pop-up screen. Type the number of points you would like to donate from those available. Then, type the Fundraiser ID, as given to you by the Fundraising Group you are supporting.  Fundraiser IDs begin with 'FNDRSR-' then include a number.  


Q: What happens with my Fundraising Points once I donate them?

A: Your fundraising points will collect with points from other supporters.  Once the dollar value of funds has reached $50 for your Fundraising Group, Nominated Fundraising Committee Members may claim the value of these dollars. This donation can be claimed as a cheque made out to the relevant organisation, or as Cyberfresh products to be used by the group.


Q: What if I have forgotten the Fundraiser ID for my Fundraising Group?

A: If you have forgotten your Fundraiser ID, you can email the Cyberfresh.com.au Team to check, or ask a representative of your Fundraising Group.


Q: How can my organisation become a Fundraising Group?

Click on the 'Fundraisers' tab along the top of the website. This page contains all the details you need.

Q: How do I find out more information about a product in the CyberFresh shop?

A: Click on the product name beside the product photo.  You'll find more information such as product details, recipes, cooking ideas and common health and nutritional beliefs.  If you'd like further information, you can also click on the green link to 'Ask a question about this product'. 


Q: How do I become a member to start shopping? 

A: In the top right hand corner of each page, you'll find the link "Not a member?
Sign Up now". Follow the prompts to create a profile, therefore a member account.


Q: How do I start shopping?

A: To make a purchase, click on the ‘Shop’ tab and browse the relevant product categories listed on the left-hand side. When you find products you wish to purchase, click on the green ‘Buy now’ tab directly below that product. This will add the product to your shopping cart which appears on the right hand side of your screen. When you have finished adding products to the shopping cart, click the orange ‘Checkout’ tab. You will then be prompted to follow the checkout and purchase procedures.