Fundraising Made Easy

Most fundraising requires you to buy that extra something that you don’t need.  Cyberfresh is different, because we are offering you the opportunity to help fundraise for your organisation simply by buying your family’s weekly fresh food.

Are you a member of a school community, a sporting club, a not-for-profit charity group, recreation club, religious group or workplace social club?  Would your organisation benefit from extra dollars, raised without the usual time consuming grind?

Talk to your organising committee now! Tell them that by ordering online at, families in your social group can become healthier and wealthier while earning easy fund-raising dollars, for your organisation.  By purchasing online from our wide range of fresh produce and easy meal solutions, we will encourage healthier eating.

Our competitive online prices will ensure monetary savings to you.  Plus, our delivery-to-your-kitchen service will not only save ever-increasing petrol costs but also free up your time for more leisure pursuits.

Fund Raising Options

Option 1) Shop Online and accumulate fund raising points.

Option 2) Buy a raffle box online, have it delivered and sell tickets to make some quick cash.

Option 3) Contact us about our options for healthy Fundraising Drives.

Fund Raising Points

If you belong to a fundraising group, you will earn fundraising points every time you shop.  These fundraising points equal fundraising dollars. We will give customers 1 point for every $50 spent.  To keep things simple and transparent, 1 point equals $1. On occasion, we may run special offers or events, where points equal even more $$$. Customers can donate their points in the 'Update your Details' section by using their fundraising group's code.

For an average shop, customers will earn 1 point.  That may not seem like much at first, but think of it this way ...  If 10 people in your organisation shop twice a month over a year. You have already earned $240. If 50 people join in, that's $1200. If 100 people join in, that's $2400 earned, and all the fundraising organiser has to do is tell everyone the site and fundraising code. It doesn't get much easier than that! It's up to you how many people you tell! Click the green tab to register now.  

Nominated Fundraising Committee Members may, once the dollar value of funds has reached $50, claim the value of these dollars as a cheque made out to the relevant organisation, or as Cyberfresh products to be used by the group.

Register as a Fundraiser Now