Our Growers

Our Growers

Lettuce Farmers - Mark and Lorraine                                      Our lettuce growers

Meet Mark and Lorraine along with their beautiful children Noah, Lucy and Abigail.  The family has been at the current farm for 10 years growing fresh produce including fancy lettuce, pineapple, capsicum and cucumber. Mark has been farming with his family since he was young and then he started out on his own at their current farm. Mark and Lorraine are excited to be introducing new fancy lettuce varieties to their produce line as they build their farm.

When we asked what they enjoy most about farming, Mark said that he’s been in it all his life, so he enjoys working outdoors and it is a good lifestyle for the kids. Lorraine and the kids especially love that they have the space to keep a Shetland Pony as a pet!


Chicken Farmer - GeorgeOur chicken farmer

Meet George. He raises the chickens that lay our lovely fresh eggs. George is one of our local south-east Queensland farmers and their work is definitely a family affair as two generations of family are involved. After the family and farm hands collect the eggs each day, the eggs are checked and packed by hand to ensure quality. When George has some spare time, he enjoys indoor cricket.


Banana Farmers - Mark and Janelle

Our banana growers

Meet Janelle, Mark and their grandson Harlan.  Mark’s been on their banana farm for 35 years and he has more recently started selling Banana leaves. Their banana farm is set in the valley of a mountainous area where bananas grow best. When asked, the couple said that what they enjoy most about the lifestyle is the “peacefulness in the patch”.  They also love the beautiful early mornings with the dew and sunrise. And of course the farming lifestyle offers some exercise benefits!

Did you know that bananas are called ‘Walking Plants’? Each banana tree grows only one bunch of bananas in its lifetime. Then, a new shoot grows beside it and the next hand of bananas grows from the new tree.