Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

CyberFresh.com.au Customer Agreement

By using the CyberFresh.com.au online shopping site you signify that you accept our terms of trade and security and privacy policies.  As presented below, the CyberFresh.com.au Customer Agreement defines our terms and conditions under which you and CyberFresh.com.au agree to do business together.

1.      In order to buy goods from CyberFresh.com.au you must register as a member.  Registration is free and submission of your registration details implies your acceptance of our terms of trade set out herein.

2.      In completing the Customer Registration Application, you warrant that all personal information and data supplied by you is accurate, complete and up to date.

3.      You agree to promptly inform CyberFresh.com.au of any changes to your personal details and data.

4.      Because Home Delivery is post code dependent, there is a clear understanding that if you cease to live at your registered address, then CyberFresh.com.au is not obliged to continue deliveries, if your new address lies outside our established delivery area.

5.      You will purchase goods from CyberFresh.com.au by selecting goods from our extensive product range and adding them to your shopping cart.  You will then press ‘pay’ at the checkout.

6.      Payment must be made by credit card at the point of purchase in order for deliveries to take place.

7.      CyberFresh.com.au accepts Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa.  Payments are processed through the e-WAY gateway.

8.      Orders will be deemed to have been received at the time of successful transmission of payment.  A notification e-mail will automatically be sent to you accepting the order for delivery.

9.      Should a product you have ordered become unavailable, we will deduct the cost from your payment prior to transmission via e-WAY.

10.  Orders should be placed by 10am for delivery the following delivery day.

11.   For home deliveries, each postcode will have an AM and a PM scheduled time slot for deliveries.  These time slots may change over time but will be as shown on the website delivery details at the time of ordering.

12.  Orders must be in excess of the $60 minimum.

13.  The delivery fee is $9.50 per order unless otherwise advertised on the website.  By placing an order you agree to have the delivery fee added to your total order cost.

14.  Orders over $150 will be delivered free.

15.  CyberFresh.com.au guarantees to deliver quality, market fresh product direct to your door or advised point of delivery.

16.  If a product supplied is unsatisfactory, meaning it is damaged or incorrect, then you the customer should notify CyberFresh.com.au as soon as possible, but within 24 hours, and give the details of the problem.  Click on the Contact Us icon for the CyberFresh.com.au contact details.

17.  We will rectify any CyberFresh.com.au product problem as soon as possible. By our discretion, our delivery driver may collect and replace the unsatisfactory produce.  Alternately a refund will be issued.  The price paid at the time of purchase will be considered to be the refund amount.

18.   Refunds or replacement products are not available where a customer simply changes their mind or has not ensured the security or reasonable storage of the product upon delivery, in the event that they are not home.

19.  To facilitate an efficient delivery service, customers must enter specific delivery instructions as to where their product is to be left if the customer is not to be home.  The customer should choose a position which is safe, secure and protected from the elements as well as interference from animals, in the case that they will not be home.

20.  It is recommended that customers be home to receive their delivery from CyberFresh.com.au, but customers should at least ensure they are to be home within 60 minutes of the estimated delivery time. A delivery confirmation slip will be left in the letterbox if the customer is not home.

21.  Any product deterioration or risk passes to you upon delivery of the product.  CyberFresh.com.au accepts no responsibility for product left out in positions subject to climatic or weather conditions or interference by animals or insects.

22.  You agree that CyberFresh.com.au’s liability, where applicable, shall be limited to the replacement of goods, or the supply of equivalent goods, or the refund of monies for goods that are found to be defective upon delivery.

23.  The customer agrees to take responsibility for protecting their CyberFresh.com.au user name and password as the customer could be deemed liable if an unauthorised person were to use their personal details.  You agree to release Cyberdeli.com.au Pty Ltd trading as CyberFresh.com.au from any indemnity arising from such unauthorised use.

24.  CyberFresh.com.au from time to time may add to, delete or otherwise change this agreement.  You agree that if this occurs you agree to be notified by email.

25.  CyberFresh.com.au may send emails from time to time advising customers of promotional specials or member privileges.  You agree to receive these unless you have otherwise notified us by email.

26.  Each provision of this agreement is severable but severance will not affect other provisions.

27.  This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland.