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Fighting Pester Power!

Fighting Pester Power!

Posted on Thu 28 Feb 2013

Fighting Pester Power!

It’s time to talk pester power! For those of you with children, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.  For others, pester power is the power that children create by repeated nagging to influence their parents to make a purchase on their behalf.


For many parents this is felt most intensely at the supermarket checkout where one queues surrounded by chocolate and confectionery.  Often as adults it is challenging enough to be good when surrounded by temptation. So, it’s not surprising that around three quarters of parents commonly give in to pester power.  Companies use point of purchase advertising at the checkout because they know that this marketing technique leads to a much stronger chance of purchase than other forms of promotion such as television advertising.


Did you know that around 25% of Australian children are considered as overweight or obese? For adults, this figure increases to 63% (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012)!  If you also think obesity is out of hand, then what can you do?


As well as regular exercise, you may be interested in the Cancer Council’s ‘Junk Busters’ website.  It gives parents the chance to become more informed and speak up about junk food marketing that targets kids.  For more information go to .


Also, we support and encourage eating a balanced diet including lots of fresh fruit and veges – of course!  To make your fruit and vege shopping easier, you could try one of our fruit and vege boxes – ready to go!  Or, if you love creating healthy recipe, we have loads of tasty herbs and interesting fresh ingredients to add flavor to your meals in a healthy way.


We have chosen not to sell lollies on our website. Plus we do not include last minute treats at the checkout.  So, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your online shopping trip free from pester power and last-minute temptation!



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